Beijing Institute of Technology Signs Agreement with Rongtel as her Education-Research Base


On November 10, 2014, College of Information Science and Technology from Beijing University of Technology, Zhuhai branch (hereinafter referred to as BIT) settled down in R&D center of Zhuhai RONGTAI Electronics Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as RONGTAI) as her production-education-research cooperation base. Two parties signed an agreement of production-education-research cooperation, which indicates two parties become strategic partners on production, education and research.

In the field of internet, mobile terminal, remote control system and smart home system, RONGTAI will start deep cooperation with BIT. RONGTAI’s R&D center will become the science and research incubation base for BIT. RONGTAI will continuously assign their experts and engineers to guide and assist; BIT will take part in solving key technical issues with RONGTAI.

The combination of technology and economy is prospective for enterprise. The establishment of production-education-research base marks a breakthrough of knowledge and economy and a seamless joint between enterprise and university. Cooperation between enterprise and university will help Rongtai to establish Sustainable technology innovation system of enterprise as center, market-orientation, production-education-research combination.

Innovation creates a wonderful life!

Dean of College of Information Science and Technology Doctor and professor Mr. Su Binghua (Right 2nd) visited Rongtai and attended unvielling Ceremony

Beijing University of Technology, Zhuhai branch