Size: 130×350×55(mm)
NW: 978g
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System introduction

2-Wire BUS Building System is a very simple building system, it just requires a cabal of 2 wires to the components together. All the signals and datas for the system are transmitted via the two power wires.

As an innovative technology, 2 wire non-polarity system is suitable applied for houses and apartments buildings; it can also be applied in multiple blocks project.


1. 2-wire non-polar wiring throughout the whole installation, wire saving and convenient.

2. Maximal length of wiring can reach up to 300m.

3. Support up to max. 99 apartments.

4. Bus centralized for the entire system.

5. Plug-in connectors and DIP switches for rapid installation.

6. Multi Monitors for one apartment / houses.

7. Clear and stable picture and audio dual way communication.

8. Support automatically / manually picture capturing.

9. Different types of Outdoor Stations for different solutions.

10. OEM/ODM services available.

Widely for use in:

Single house or villa compounds; it can also be applied in single apartment building or multiple blocks project. Especially old buildings with existed 2 wires, some countries with 2 wires pre-installed, like France, Spain, Italy, US, Romania etc.

Direct press Outdoor Station PL591DC2C(12):

Aluminum alloy panel 

170° wide view angel

- 700 TV lines HD camera

- 12x direct-call buttons with backlit

- Night light compensation

- Waterproof, dust proof and anti-vandal design

Material Alumnium alloy
Camera Type 700TVL CMOS
Camera View Angle 170° / 90°
Minimum Illumination 0.1Lux
Working Temperature -25°C~65°C
Night Light Compensation 4 White LEDs
Waterproof rating IP55
Dimension 130×350×55(mm)
Installation Surface mounted
N.W 978g